Our Cheeses

We make a range of cows' milk cheeses, all based on traditional recipes from the South of Switzerland.  They include:
  • Barr Rua - Alpine style hard cheese
  • Ella - semi-hard cheese
  • Zing - natural / flavoured soft cheese
  • Danny Boy - fresh soft cheese for salads & pizza etc.
  • Cheese Beer Keg - matured soft cheese

Barr Rua, Alpine Style - hard cheese

Barr Rua, Alpine Style

During the summer of 2017 we made our first batches of Mayo Summer Cheese which is now known as BARR RUA named after the townland we live and work in - An Barr Rua translates as “The Red Top” referring to the red coloured iron rich topsoil in our area.  This is a floral & nutty tasting hard cheese based on a Swiss Mountain Cheese recipe.  Full wheels weigh around 5kg.  We mature Barr Rua in our cellar for a minimum of 3 months.

  • Gold (over 90%) - Artisan Cheese Awards 2018 in the UK
  • Silver - Artisan Cheese Awards 2019 in the UK
  • Best New Cheese & Gold - Irish Cheese Awards 2019

Ella, Irish Furmagella

Ella - Irish Furmagella is based on the Furmagella recipe from the South of Switzerland/Northern Italy. Ella is a semi-hard cheese with a mild, buttery taste which leaves you wanting more! We mature it for 1 month in our cellar. Wheels come in various sizes.
  • 3rd in Dairy - National Artisan Food Awards 2018 in Clonmel
  • Bronze - Artisan Cheese Awards 2019 in the UK
  • Bronze & 3rd Semi/hard Cheese u 6 months - Irish Cheese Awards 2019
Zing - Soft flavoured cheese


ZING is a flavoured soft cheese, also based on a recipe from the South of Switzerland, it is available in Natural, Black Pepper & Garlic and Apricot & Almond. Depending on demand and season we also make other flavours. The Natural and Pepper & Garlic are eaten in Switzerland, but the others are our own twist on the recipe!

Gold & 1st in Soft Cheese Flavour Added - Irish Cheese Awards 2019

Danny Boy

Based on the Formaggino Ticinese recipe, Danny Boy is a fresh, milky cheese, similar to mozzarella, but due to lower temperatures during production it doesn't have the 'stretch'.
Delicious in summer salads and as a topping on pizza & baked dishes.      

Cheese Beer Kegs

Our newest product. Following the Swiss tradition of ripening fresh cheeses with wine, we decided to keep it local and mature fresh cheese with beer from micro-breweries in our area.  The resulting mini rolls have a velvety  rind, with a delicate, succulent interior and an explosion of flavour!!! 

Think Green

We'd love to sell more cheese LOCALLY,
why buy imported or mass produced cheese when you have
QUALITY ARTISAN CHEESE on your doorstep?